Monday, 14 June 2010

Final Submission

Overview: Fully Developed Crysis Environment

5 Real Time Image Captures of the Developed Crysis Environment

Office for Angela Merkel
This office shows the power of Angela Merkel. The sharp edges and retangular shape of the building gives people the idea about "strong & tough". But the different colours and irregular arrangement of different blocks of the building shows the creative and feminine side of this office. Therefore, this is an feminine office which is formed by masculine elements. This office shows the personality of Angela Merkel. As a politician, she is very strong and tough inside, but still a woman outside.
Office for Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is pretty and people are always impressed by her beauty. However, she is also hard-working and running her own buisness. She is showing people the power of beauty and also the power of doing the buisness and create beauty. Her office not only need to be a beautiful space but also gives people the idea of the relationship between fashion and beauty. The texture I applied on this office(Roses) also shows the power of women that they are beautiful but also strong and sharp so that they are not weaker than men.

Up View

5 Real Time Image Captures of Draft Crysis Environment

Bridge View
Elevator for Angela Merkel

Dinning Area & Table
Elevator for Miranda Kerr
The Bridege

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1 SketchUp Contains 2 Elevators and 1 Dinning Table

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Link to Download My Crisis Environment:

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